WCSF Insolvencies

Insolvency Name Insolvency Date
Alliance National Insurance Company Aug 21, 2020
American Mutual Insurance Company Of Boston Mar 09, 1989
American Mutual Liability Insurance Company Mar 09, 1989
Atlantic Mutual Insurance Company Apr 27, 2011
Bakers Mutual Insurance Company Aug 10, 1978
Bedivere Insurance Company Mar 11, 2021
Carriers Insurance Company Jan 01, 1986
CastlePoint National Insurance Company Mar 30, 2017
Casualty Reciprocal Exchange Aug 18, 2004
Centennial Insurance Company Apr 27, 2011
Commercial Compensation Casualty Company Sep 26, 2000
Consolidated Mutual Insurance Company May 31, 1979
Cosmopolitan Mutual Insurance Company Oct 24, 1980
Credit General Insurance Company Jan 05, 2001
Employer's National Insurance Company Feb 11, 1994
Equity Mutual Insurance Company Aug 18, 2004
Freestone Insurance Company Aug 15, 2014
Fremont Indemnity Company Jul 02, 2003
Frontier Insurance Company Nov 16, 2012
Guarantee Insurance Company Nov 27, 2017
Ideal Mutual Insurance Company Feb 07, 1985
Imperial Casualty and Indemnity Company May 12, 2010
Legion Indemnity Company Apr 09, 2003
Legion Insurance Company Jul 28, 2003
Lincoln General Insurance Company Nov 05, 2015
LMI Insurance Company May 23, 2000
Lumbermens Mutual Casualty Co (American Manufacturers Mutual Ins Co, American Motorists Ins Co) May 10, 2013
Lumbermens Underwriting Alliance May 23, 2016
Mastercare Jul 14, 2003
Midland Insurance Company Apr 03, 1986
Newark Insurance Company Aug 09, 2007
Northwestern National Insurance Company May 02, 2019
Phico Insurance Company In Liquidation Feb 01, 2002
Red Rock Insurance Company Aug 21, 2014
Reinsurance Company of America, Inc Apr 27, 2011
Reliance Insurance Company Oct 03, 2001
Shelby Worker's Comp Aug 01, 2006
State Capital Insurance Company Jun 21, 2004
The Home Insurance Company In Liquidation Jun 13, 2003
Transit Casualty Insurance Company In Receivership Dec 03, 1985
Ullico Casualty Company May 30, 2013
Villanova Insurance Company Jul 28, 2003
Warwick Insurance Company Jun 22, 1993
Western Employers Insurance Company Apr 19, 1991
Western Employers Workers Comp Apr 19, 1991

Direct Submitter eBilling Enrollment Instructions

For submitters that want to set up a direct eBilling account with WorkCompEDI, they can go to the website: https://secure.icompedi.com/Register/Register.aspx The website will guide the user through a series of instructions about how to setup an account, submit test files, the additional advanced transaction service options available and more. It is a self-explanatory process however if you need assistance, you can contact the WorkCompEDI Help Desk via email at: submitters.njpliga@workcompedi.com.

Vendors & Pharmacies inquiring about EDI Connectivity

Any clearinghouse, practice management software vendor, or specialty network vendor that wishes to exchange EDI with NJPLIGA can contact WorkCompEDI to connect using flexible formats and methods for submission to make the process simple. Answers to most questions about connecting with WorkCompEDI can be found on the NJPLIGA landing page at: http://www.workcompedi.com/njpliga For any further assistance, please contact WorkersCompEDI customer Support at: vendors.njpliga@workcompedi.com Any questions about how an electronic bill was paid or about insurance benefits/plans, please contact the payer directly.